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As early as 1988, 21 states in the United States issued 2332 laws to restrict and prohibit the use of certain plastic packaging products. In 1988, the environmental labeling system was implemented. 36 states jointly legislated to use the "green label" on plastic products, packaging bags and containers, and even took the lead in using the "recycling label" to prove that it can be recycled and recycled

in the 1990s, there were two development plans for the packaging industry in the United States: reduce raw materials and packaging products by 15%, or at least 25% of them can be recycled. Both schemes have been recognized by the packaging industry in the United States

so far, 37 states in the United States have legislated and determined the recycling quota of packaging waste. The Florida government is actively promoting the (waste disposal pre charge law) (ADF). In order to encourage packaging container manufacturers to support the implementation of the law, ADF stipulates that as long as a certain recycling level is reached, they can apply for exemption from the tax on packaging waste

take cartons for example, the annual recycling volume in the United States is as high as 40million tons. The recycled old packaging cartons can be reused after chemical treatment, which has made remarkable achievements in the recycling of packaging containers in the United States

according to the data recently released by the American bottle and can recycling Institute, the United States produced a total of 192.5 billion beverage bottles and cans (including aluminum, plastic and glass) in 2002, with a recovery rate of about 41%. About 648 cans of beverage are consumed per capita in the United States every year, some of which are recycled, but about 114billion cans are wasted. Nevertheless, the recovered portion saved the United States the equivalent of 32million barrels of crude oil

in January, 2003, biocope company of the United States first introduced the water cup made of PLA polymer material, a plastic synthesized from grain, based on the calculation of one million tons of polyurethane insulation materials consumed in one year. The product was first provided to the Sydney Olympic Games. At present, it has been put on the American market and is very popular

the company said that the physical properties of the cup made of this new material can be comparable to those of petroleum synthetic plastics, but its environmental protection performance is unmatched by petroleum synthetic plastics because it is derived from plants and can be completely degraded. It can be thrown away with food waste without any treatment. The cup can be degraded into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter together with food waste. PLA not only has good environmental performance listed above, but also has excellent synthetic stability

according to the research results submitted at the meeting of the American Chemical Society, American researchers have found a low-cost, environmentally friendly fast food packaging material. The new material is made of wheat straw fiber and wheat starch. The packaging box can be completely degraded

the American 100% recycled cardboard Alliance (an international alliance representing two-thirds of the world's cardboard manufacturers) conducted a market survey. The survey shows that more and more American consumers require 100% recycled cardboard as the packaging of consumer goods. Although the survey did not specifically distinguish between consumer waste packaging paperboard and industrial waste packaging paperboard, the survey results show that green packaging is affecting people's consumption habits

according to the survey, consumers hope that more paper packaging can be made of recycled cardboard, and that more packaging can be marked with 100% and then the motorcycle chain damage is considered to be a symbol generated at the first point when the chain elongation increases and is no longer accompanied by the increase of load. 85% of consumers believe that using recycled packaging materials is "conducive to the future of children"; 80% of consumers believe that buying 100% recycled cardboard packaging products is "contributing to environmental protection"

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