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The Chinese style of the concept of green plastic packaging (Part 2)

strengthen recycling and reuse, and realize the ecological cycle of packaging waste

green packaging follows the economic activity principle of "reduction, reuse and recycling" of circular economy throughout its life cycle, so as to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment. In recent years, continuous progress has been made in the recycling and reuse of plastic wastes, and the problem of secondary pollution has been gradually solved

packaging waste regulations vary from place to place, but there is a common principle: encourage less use of raw materials. The packaging design should try to use the same material, separable and coexisting materials, and tend to use materials with simple structure and easy recycling

on the premise of meeting the packaging function, reduce the amount of garbage as much as possible, so as to present the development trend of lightweight packaging film. The key technology is to use new raw materials with super toughness, which can process thinner and easier to process, such as bimodal polymer HDPE, polyolefin with metallocene catalyst and excellent barrier packaging materials. The domestic plastic flexible packaging industry has made a lot of progress in reducing waste pollution. With the gradual implementation of relevant domestic environmental protection laws and regulations, greater progress will be made in the future. For example, the use of heat sealable stretch film and cover varnish can significantly reduce the amount of materials, which has been widely used in the packaging of cold drink ice cream; The thickness of the entire packaging film has been successfully reduced by using high-strength metallocene polyolefins, and the rigidity difference of excessive packaging, for example, is gradually reducing; The application of coextrusion technology and equipment is becoming more and more popular, which solves the problem of accurately controlling the thickness of each layer of film. The thickness of expensive barrier layer can be controlled very thin, but the fresh-keeping performance is doubled or even tens of times improved

China actively develops green packaging

the Asian packaging center established in Hangzhou is China's first worldwide packaging industry center. The construction of this center is an important measure to realize China's leap from a 'world packaging power' to a 'world packaging power'. Vigorously develop green packaging and environmental protection packaging, strive to build the Asian packaging center into a world packaging industry center, and make it a 'propeller' for the structural adjustment of China's packaging industry and an 'incubator' for the new packaging industry, which is of great significance to improve the international competitiveness of China's products

actively develop green packaging materials

packaging materials for export commodities can only be allowed to be imported into the importing country if they meet the regulations of the importing country, otherwise the customs of the importing country will not release them. Many countries restrict or impose mandatory supervision and management on the packaging materials of imported commodities in the form of laws and regulations. Therefore, China has done a lot of work on the green packaging

first, avoid using toxic materials. Pigments, dyes, paints, etc. used on packaging containers or labels shall be made of raw materials that do not contain heavy metals as adhesives for bonding materials. In addition to containing no toxic or toxic components, they shall also be easy to decompose during separation. The second is to use recycled materials as much as possible. At present, most of the recyclable recycled materials used in the world are recycled paper, such as recycled cartons, molded pulp, peak pulp paperboard and paper tubes made from recycled waste paper. Third, actively develop plant packaging materials. Plants can basically continue to reproduce continuously, and the extensive use of plants generally will not cause harm to the environment, ecological balance and resource maintenance, which is favored by the international packaging market. Fourth, select single packaging materials. In this way, the material can be disassembled without the use of special tools, the recovery and separation time can be saved, and the difficulty of recovery and separation caused by the use of bonding method can be avoided

move closer to the world in terms of environmental labeling

iso14000 environmental management system international standard stipulates that any country can refuse to import products that do not meet the standard, so that products that do not meet the standard are excluded from international trade. China's environmental labeling system has fewer product categories, which is far from meeting the needs of foreign trade development. Only by following this international trend and adopting positive and effective means to catch up, can China's foreign trade interests be fundamentally protected. This standard system should be popularized at the same time as the typical guide. In addition, international environmental standards should also be studied as soon as possible. The international standards can be transformed into national standards through administrative and legislative procedures, which can be popularized and used throughout the country. Domestic supporting laws and regulations related to the international standards should also be formulated as soon as possible

packaging design should highlight the connotation of environmental protection

designers must investigate the specific requirements of the international market for environmental protection packaging, such as the laws and regulations of exporting countries on environmental protection packaging, the depth of consumers' concept of environmental protection consumption, green organization activities, and the development trend of environmental protection packaging, so as to fully consider these factors in packaging design. In addition, the packaging design should also consider highlighting the signs of environmental protection marketing. This sign is different from the environmental signs. It can be designed by the manufacturer, supplier or wholesaler to indicate that a certain commodity has a specific environmental quality, so as to obtain the favor of consumers and achieve the purpose of expanding marketing

on the basis of current development, professionals also put forward the following opinions on the research and development of "green packaging" in China's packaging industry:

first, we should speed up technological innovation and develop new packaging materials, new processes and new products, which is also the key to the development of "green packaging". For example, nowadays, a large number of grains are packed in plastic woven bags, which is a kind of high molecular polymer material with high strength, low cost and corrosion resistance. However, it contains less additives that are harmful to human body when the device is used alone in some sections. The packaging of raw grains such as corn is acceptable, while the packaging of directly imported grains such as rice and flour is worrying. Moreover, the plastic woven bag has poor air permeability, and the grain is easy to deteriorate, which is not suitable for long-term storage. In addition, it is disposable, which increases garbage and pollutes the environment. Therefore, the grain testing machine is mainly used for the fatigue inspection of the parts of the overhead contact system of the electrified railway. It is necessary to develop more scientific new packaging materials to replace the plastic woven bags

secondly, we should research and develop diversified "green packaging". When it comes to "green packaging", Chinese manufacturers tend to focus on easy to handle paper materials in terms of material orientation, but in fact, from the perspective of the whole production process. Paper packaging is not "green packaging" in the full sense, because the paper industry has a heavy pollution to the environment, and although the paper can be recycled, the recycled paper produced each time will reduce the quality grade of the paper, and its performance in this regard is not as good as that of aluminum foil to achieve full recycling. However, the packaging function of plastics that are now widely used can not be replaced by other materials for the time being. As long as we overcome the technical difficulties of non degradable technology, it has a very broad prospect of utilization, and may become the most important green material in the new century. Therefore, "green packaging" not only refers to paper, but also includes degradable plastic and aluminum packaging

third, we must strictly follow international practices, establish and improve China's environmental labeling system, and carry out certification from a high starting point. Many developed countries have taken positive measures in environmental protection packaging, such as legislating that beer, soft drinks and mineral water must use recyclable containers; Enact laws mandating the recycling or reuse of packaging. In 1998, China promulgated the interim management measures for the recycling of packaging resources, which stipulates the disposal of waste. However, it is far from enough to narrow the gap with the standards of the international community

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