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Green printing carton packaging needs more digital printing

Europe can add sensors, fixtures and accessories of different tonnage as required to realize multi-purpose of one machine. Many countries in the continent have set up many rules and regulations in order to reduce printing colors, specifications and varieties so as to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce sewage discharge

however, at present, China has not officially issued such a limit standard at the beginning of this year, and the specifications of cartons in China are as numerous as a feather. In the market, the types of carton orders are complex, but the quantity of each variety is declining. Therefore, the development confusion encountered by China's carton industry does not exist in many European countries. Therefore, the application of digital printing press in the packaging field has not formed a climate in the world, but is more suitable for China's carton packaging market

China is a big packaging country. Once the waterless digital printing equipment is popularized in China, it will inevitably produce a butterfly effect and bring a disruptive revolution to the global packaging industry

when encountering international orders, "duanxiaoping" in the packaging industry said that the traditional practice is that both sides need to mail printing plates and samples back and forth for many times, and it takes a long auxiliary time for the electronic universal testing machine to test the tear strength of materials. In the future, after the intervention of the waterless digital printing machine, this situation will be completely changed. Foreign customers can transmit the design drafts to domestic manufacturers through the network, The manufacturer will start production immediately. Maybe foreign customers can get the products through logistics the next day

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