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The future of the global packaging industry -- green packaging

in the wave of sustainable development, a green revolution has sprung up all over the world. This year, the theme of China's "March 15" quality travel is "green consumption". Green products involve many fields, such as green packaging, green agriculture, green refrigerators and green buildings. The concept of green products originated in Germany. In 1987, Germany implemented a "Blue Angel" program. For commodities that meet environmental protection requirements in the production and use process and are harmless to the ecological environment and human health, the Environmental Protection Committee granted the product a green mark. Subsequently, the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries have also successively established a green mark certification system to ensure that consumers recognize the environmental nature of products and encourage manufacturers to produce pollution-free green products

The high development of industrial production has created material civilization for mankind, and also brought a series of environmental problems. Many global environmental problems, such as environmental pollution, resource depletion and ecological destruction, have restricted the sustainable development of economy and endangered the long-term interests of mankind. The 2005 plan formulated by China has also strengthened environmental protection. The planning requirements are: reasonably control the population, make sustainable and rational use of resources, improve the urban and rural environment and curb ecological deterioration, and improve the quality and efficiency of economic development. As an industrial department, the packaging industry is also faced with environmental and resource problems without exception. At present, packaging products are involved in destroying the environment in the following aspects: CFCs are used in the production of foamed plastics, resulting in the reduction of the earth's ozone layer; The "white pollution" caused by disposable foamed plastic tableware is still very serious; Packaging wastes entering rivers, lakes and oceans cause water pollution; Harmful substances from paper production also pollute water and soil. Therefore, the packaging industry should not only care about the quality, performance and cost of packaging products, but also about the impact of packaging products on the environment and the consumption of resources. Therefore, only the development of green packaging is the only choice for the sustainable development of packaging industry

the concept of green packaging was put forward in the 1980s. The so-called green packaging refers to the appropriate packaging that has no harm to human body and environment during the production and use of packaging products, and can be recycled or naturally degraded. Therefore, green packaging is a new industrial development model that is resource-saving and can be supported for a long time on the basis of environment and resources

methods of green packaging design

green packaging design is a packaging design process with environment and resources as the core concepts. It requires that the basic attributes of the product and the environmental attributes should be closely combined within the whole service life of the product. When making design decisions, in addition to meeting the performance requirements of products, we should also meet the environmental performance requirements to achieve the purpose of optimal design

green packaging design is a developing system design method that integrates object-oriented technology, concurrent engineering and life cycle. It is a system that integrates the quality, function, service life and environment of packaging. It not only needs to consider the quality, function and cost of packaging, but also the impact of packaging on the environment in the whole process from raw materials to processing, use and waste. That is, the whole process from cradle to reproduction. Green packaging design can maximize the use of resources and energy, and reduce the impact of packaging on the environment to a minimum or completely pollution-free

contents of green packaging design

the main contents of green packaging design include: the materials of green packaging design. These odors usually come from specific plasticizers or adhesives, the structural design of green packaging, the recyclability design of packaging, and the cost analysis of green packaging cold technology with cascade tightening mechanism, etc

materials for green packaging design: designers are required to change the traditional selection degree and steps. When selecting materials, they should not only consider the functions of packaging products, but also consider the environmental constraints. They should select materials that are non-toxic, pollution-free, easy to recycle and degrade. Generally speaking, cardboard, metal, glass, degradable plastics, cloth, etc. are all green materials

"replacing plastic with paper" and "replacing wood with paper" are the inevitable trend of packaging material selection today. Disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes belong to the backward products announced by the State Economic and Trade Commission in 1999 and should be eliminated before 2000, but the current implementation is not satisfactory. It is hoped that the relevant law enforcement departments of the government should do their best to raise our awareness of environmental protection and vigorously support the production of paper molded disposable tableware, which is a domestic manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in the production of experimental machines, so that it can occupy the market as soon as possible. At present, more and more people have used paper bags for food packaging in supermarkets, which is a gratifying phenomenon. "Replacing wood with paper" is to use honeycomb paperboard with high strength, good compression resistance and sound insulation to replace wood. It is widely used in packaging boxes, buildings, decorative materials and products. Although there is still a gap between the current technical level and foreign countries, the market potential is very huge

structure design of green packaging: try to simplify the packaging structure when designing the packaging. The excessive packaging of commodities not only consumes more materials, makes the packaging volume heavier and larger, causing a waste of resources, but also increases the amount of urban garbage, which is not conducive to environmental protection. In addition, the extravagant packaging also increases the economic burden of consumers, thus forming infringement on consumers

recyclability design of green packaging: it is a design idea and method that should consider a series of problems such as the possibility of packaging material recycling, the size of recycling value and recycling treatment methods at the early stage of packaging design, so as to maximize the utilization of packaging materials and energy and minimize environmental pollution. Recyclable design includes: recyclable materials and signs; Recyclable process and method; Economic assessment of recoverability; Recyclable structure design

cost analysis of green packaging: the cost analysis of green packaging is different from the traditional packaging cost analysis. The performance of product recovery and recycling must be considered at the early stage of product design. In addition, whether an enterprise pays environmental protection expenses will also affect the cost accounting of products. Moreover, the actual cost of the same environmental project varies in different countries. Therefore, the green packaging cost analysis should be carried out at the beginning of each design, so as to reduce the design packaging cost


as an important part of the national economy, the packaging industry must develop green packaging in today's global economic integration and sustainable development. Green packaging design is a complex system engineering. Only when the whole nation, especially the vast number of packaging workers, have a strong awareness of environmental protection, can we rapidly develop green packaging in China

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