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"Standardization of green packaging for express delivery" can't just be in the form of "green"

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recently, the State Administration of market supervision and other eight departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the standardization of green packaging for express delivery, proposing to basically establish a comprehensive, focused and reasonably structured standard system for green packaging for express delivery by the end of 2022. The electronic waybill has basically achieved full coverage. The e-commerce express no longer has a secondary packaging rate of 67%, the application proportion of recyclable transfer bags has reached 85.46%, and the packaging proportion of "slimming tape" below 45 mm has reached 90.7%. This is a new development in the green work of China's express delivery industry as of June 30 this year. (August 11, the people)

the General Administration of market supervision and other eight departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the standardization of green packaging for express delivery, which put forward the requirements of green standards for express packaging. This move not only saves a lot of social material resources, but also plays a positive role in reducing pollution and protecting the environment, which can be described as a win-win situation in one fell swoop. However, only when the "green package standardization of express" is really implemented, can it achieve its due practical effect. In the absence of necessary supervision and management, express packaging is only "green" in form, and the material and standard of packaging may be "original formula", which will eventually become "green standard on paper"

with the popularization of e-commerce, China's express industry has made rapid progress, and the amount of express packaging is also increasing day by day. In the series of national standards for express packaging products released in 2009, many express packaging products failed to meet the requirements of green environmental protection standards because they did not involve too much content related to green environmental protection, resulting in varying degrees of pollution to the ecological environment after use. As the cost of using non green packaging is relatively reduced, the express industry will naturally use a large number of non Green Express packaging in order to "earn more economic profits". If this phenomenon is not curbed, it will inevitably cause greater and greater man-made pollution to the ecological environment

in recent years, the green packaging of China's express industry has been continuously promoted. In Jiangsu, the mail and delivery enterprises promote recyclable turnover boxes according to the green packaging specifications for mail express; In Hunan, some places already have packaging waste recycling devices. In June this year, the State Post Office issued the "green packaging specifications for mail express" to encourage mailing and delivery enterprises to use green and recyclable packaging, Caitongmin, deputy general manager of Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the construction and use of circular packaging information system and plastic packaging research and development, said: "Express includes a large number of packaging recycling facilities and equipment. For example, the shared express box is foldable, which can better adapt to the size of goods; the material is more light and harmless; the box is no longer sealed with adhesive tape. Under the condition of not exceeding the load and reasonable use, a new carton can be used at least threeorfour times. In this way, through green packaging and recycling, we can not only avoid pollution to the ecological environment, but also greatly reduce the cost of express delivery With the overall consumption of packaging, a lot of social material resources are saved. It can be said that promoting and strengthening the standardization of express green packaging is a good thing for the country and the people

according to the guidance, relevant departments will continue to improve the express green packaging standard system covering the whole cycle of design, materials, production, use, evaluation, recycling, disposal, etc., and use the standard to help the Green Express packaging. Since the beginning of this year, packaging materials containing toxic and harmful substances that still came to the meeting on time the next morning have been completely banned. However, the cost of some green packaging materials is high, which has become the biggest factor restricting the use of express enterprises. From the perspective of their own economic interests, express companies generally do not take the initiative to use green packaging. They may just formally "meet" the requirements of green packaging standardization, and only label "green packaging" on non green packaging. In essence, their materials and standards are still "original formula", and even use some low-quality, toxic and low-cost packaging materials, It will lead to the so-called green packaging of some express delivery in vain. In the absence of necessary supervision and restriction, such Green Express packaging may "look beautiful", but it is not suitable for use

accelerating the green transformation of express packaging is the proper meaning of the green and high-quality development of the industry, which must be implemented to the letter. Therefore, the relevant regulatory authorities of the government should strengthen the supervision over the standardization of green packaging for express delivery, and severely punish and sanction some express companies for their illegal acts such as not implementing green standards or practicing fraud, so as to ensure the implementation of green standards. At the same time, express companies that use green standards to increase costs can be given certain financial subsidies, tax reductions and other preferential policies, so that their use of green packaging will not increase economic costs, but also get some preferential treatment, so as to encourage and guide express enterprises to use green packaging, and turn passive implementation into a conscious action, so as to promote the real implementation of green packaging standardization

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