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The "green power" road of low-carbon, energy-saving and high-efficiency Yuchai group

the "green power" road of low-carbon, energy-saving and high-efficiency Yuchai group

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Guide: walking into the Yuchai casting center located in Yuchai Industrial Park, the workshop was quiet and tidy, and the only thing in my ears was the lubricating sound of orange robots when they turned their arms. It was hard to believe that it was a machinery manufacturing workshop. According to luyuanen, a workshop of the foundry center, the production line is heavy

when you walk into the Yuchai foundry center in Yuchai Industrial Park, the workshop is quiet and tidy. The only thing you can hear is the "Zizi" sound of orange robots turning their arms. It is hard to believe that this is a machinery manufacturing workshop

according to luyuanen, the first workshop of the foundry center, advanced imported equipment is used in important processes of the production line, and the environmental protection and energy saving have reached the highest level in China. For example, in this production line, the blank wall thickness of the engine cylinder block can be reduced from 5 ~ 6mm to 3 ~ 4mm, the casting materials can be reduced by 10%, and the energy consumption in the production process can be reduced by 8%

in addition to focusing on energy conservation and consumption reduction in the manufacturing process, more importantly, the main product of Yuchai group - engine has also been firmly moving towards the direction of low carbon, energy saving and high efficiency. From the national 3 engine to the first national 5 engine developed and produced by Yuchai group, which currently has the lowest exhaust emission, Yuchai's green engine has been successfully developed years ahead of the implementation of the national emission standard, making China's engine industry synchronized with the monopoly market of foreign products caused by international engine research. It also makes Yuchai products highly favored by customers all over the world. In 2010, Yuchai group achieved a sales revenue of 36.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.45%

at present, automobile exhaust emission has become an important part of air pollution, and automobile engine has become one of the active pollution sources. As the world's largest independent engine production base with an annual sales of nearly 700000 units, Yuchai group's choice of low-carbon and energy-saving development route is undoubtedly of great significance to the cause of environmental protection

on December 21 last year, Yuchai group released a new low-carbon power technology - "renewable air hybrid technology function realization", which is the most cutting-edge in the world, and demonstrated the YC6A engine, the world's first engine adopting this technology except March. A week later, another yc6j "low-carbon, energy-saving and high-efficiency engine" was successfully put into trial operation

to what extent can yc6j engine save energy? Let's put it this way, the engine power of the original 8-liter bus is 3. The phenolic board produced in China has the weakness of easy pulverization, low mechanical strength, brittleness, no extensibility and high water absorption of 50 horsepower, while the 6.5-liter engine of yc6j also reaches 350 horsepower, which means that an engine can reduce the emission of 5 tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year

What is the concept of

5 tons of carbon dioxide? If a tree absorbs 18.3 kg of carbon dioxide a year, it is equivalent to 273 trees. At present, Yuchai sells more than 600000 engines a year. If they are all the latest low-carbon and high-efficiency engines, it is equivalent to planting more than 160million trees for the society every year

Yuchai engine has been far ahead in China in terms of exhaust emission control technology for many years. The particulate emission of China 4 heavy-duty diesel engine is only 1/18 of that of China 1 diesel engine. By the end of 2009, the total sales volume of Yuchai engines with more than four cylinders had increased by seven times compared with 1994, but the total particulate emission of products had basically not changed. Yuchai has become a leading enterprise in low engine emission in China

in terms of energy saving, the rated power fuel consumption rate of Yuchai diesel engine decreased from 230 grams per kilowatt hour of YC6105QC engine in 1998 to 197 grams per kilowatt hour of yc6l engine in 2009. However, the high-tech field pays attention to whether the product performance meets the design needs by 14%, so as to significantly reduce the fuel consumption of diesel engine

"under the background of energy crisis and environmental deterioration, an enterprise will fall behind and be eliminated if it does not shoulder its own responsibilities. Adhering to the resource-saving and environment-friendly green road and providing continuous' green power 'for the society is the core development strategy established by Yuchai group in recent years and the development path that Yuchai has taken the initiative to choose after summing up experience and lessons." Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, said

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