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During the world cup, Zhang Lu and Tata wooden gate launched a professional ball evaluation program "Tata wooden gate/Zhang Lu said the ball and watched the doorway", and at 23:00 on July 13, Zhang Lu appeared in the flagship store of Tata wooden gate to spend the "World Cup night" with fans

during the world cup, Zhang Lu joined hands with Tata Mumen to launch a professional Pingqiu program "Tata Mumen/Zhang Lu talking about the ball and watching the doorway" on his Sina Weibo @ Zhang Lu Pingqiu. At 23:00 on July 13, Zhang Lu appeared in the flagship store of Tata Mumen Shilihe to spend the "World Cup night" with fans

start the "World Cup night" mode to watch the ball carnivally

at the request of the fans, Zhang Lu predicted that Germany might win the world cup that night, and the record was only one goal worse. Finally, the "divine prophecy" came true, and the "German chariot" lived up to its reputation, scoring a valuable goal in extra time and winning the Hercules cup after 24 years

on the night of the finals, as the "silent ambassador" during the Tata wooden gate World Cup, Zhang Lu was invited to Tata wooden gate in his busy schedule to bring wonderful pre game analysis to fans and friends, and had close interaction, award-winning Q & A, and group photos. Wu Chenxi, chairman of Tata wooden gate, and many leaders also came to the scene to start the "World Cup night" mode to watch the ball with the majority of fans

tata silent door Carnival scene set up a silent room

this "World Cup night", Tata wooden door not only prepared enough drinks to invite the guests to have a good drink, but also provided Western food self-help, and rabbit girls guide them to participate in interactive question answering sessions and live bands. The changing tune brought the Carnival cry of the world cup night to a climax. It is worth noting that Tata wooden door carefully built a mute room with mute products at the carnival scene. The slogan "one second, the bar becomes a coffee shop" attracted many viewers to experience the mute effect. The two quiet areas set off the ice and fire atmosphere of the scene

tata wooden door has surpassed itself again and again, realizing continuous innovation in product quality and corporate culture. The quality of its silent door cannot be underestimated, and it is worthy of being a leading enterprise in China's wooden door industry





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