What does the basic decoration include

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1. Civil Engineering: laying trunking, dismantling and building new walls

2. Hydropower Engineering: all circuits and waterways and installation and laying, including strong and weak current, water pipe, gas pipe, threading pipe and bottom box

3. Wall top works: the top surfaces of all walls are scraped, leveled and polished, and the walls are painted with emulsion paint. The materials include putty glue, talcum powder, white cement, gypsum powder, primer and finish paint

4. Woodwork: design and manufacture of local ceiling, shoe cabinet, TV wall and sofa wall, and the materials include gypsum board, keel and wood board

5. Muddy water engineering: installation of wall and floor tiles, leveling of wall top and ground, wiring trough, kitchen and bathroom, and waterproof and moisture-proof treatment of balcony; Including sewer pipes, materials include: Cement river sand, waterproof materials

understand what basic decoration includes, which can avoid being fooled by the decoration company, especially the owners who choose half contract, which can effectively control the decoration cost. At the same time, the basic engineering has a warranty period, with a five-year warranty for concealed works and a two-year warranty for surface works. If there are problems during the warranty period, you must contact the decoration company in time to solve them

whether the basic decoration quality is good or not, choosing the right decoration company is the key. If you suffer from not knowing how to choose a decoration company to enter the Wuhan home decoration network decoration bidding platform, you can choose from more than 60 decoration companies in Wuhan, as well as free room measurement, free supervision, decoration fund reduction and other concessions. Details





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