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2011 is a year of development and creation. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we started boldly and quickly, overcame difficulties and completed the annual sales tasks and expansion goals. Europay platinum wallpapers have experienced the evolution from scratch, from small to large, from the scale and quantity of teams, products and channels, to the quantity and amount of sales. Each order of increase shows the growing imprint of europay platinum wallpapers

at the annual marketing meeting, Wang Rui, general manager of europay platinum wallpaper, made a detailed summary of the work in 2011. It is pointed out that in 2011, europay platinum wallpaper has made remarkable achievements in terms of performance growth, channel expansion, terminal construction and market cultivation

in 2012, the overall brand image will be improved to match the product image, terminal image, and the overall brand operation with the parent brand value. The brand strength will be further improved to promote the development of the overall business, especially the investment promotion and expansion business; Based on the improvement of product design control ability and brand image, the growth of single store sales in 2012 is inevitable. Therefore, in 2012, the headquarters will support dealers nationwide around the "million output value doubling plan", so as to more effectively support the rapid growth of terminal output value in regional markets





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