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Recently, Wang Lei, who lives in Huizhou, asked the loan website whether it is possible to withdraw housing provident fund from the decorated house

in response to Wang Lei's question, Xiaobian of the lending website answered it. According to the regulations of Huizhou housing provident fund management center, the first provision to withdraw the balance of the provident fund is "purchase, construction, renovation and overhaul of self occupied housing", of which the first three have a certain proportion of applicants, but for the overhaul of self occupied housing, there is "zero withdrawal" in Huizhou. Here, it should be noted that the condition for drawing provident fund is not ordinary decoration, but "overhaul". In fact, according to the current relevant provisions of our country, ordinary house decoration is not included in the scope of extractable provident fund, and "overhaul" refers to the dangerous house identified by the local housing appraisal department, which needs to affect or replace some of the main components of the house, but does not need to dismantle all the houses, which is considered as "overhaul". In order to carry out overhaul, it is necessary to have the housing safety appraisal certificate issued by the housing safety appraisal institution under the Housing Administration Bureau. It is reported that Huizhou has not approved an overhaul to withdraw the provident fund

here, the lending network reminds the general public: units and their employees pay the housing provident fund on time and in full. If their employees meet one of the following conditions, they can apply to Huizhou provident fund management center to withdraw the storage balance in their own housing provident fund account: (1) purchase, build, rebuild, overhaul self occupied housing; (2) Retired or retired; (3) Basically or completely losing the ability to work and terminating the labor relationship with the unit; (4) Leaving the country for settlement; (5) Repaying the principal and interest of the house purchase loan; (6) Those who rent market houses (the lease contract is filed with the real estate management department) can be withdrawn according to a certain proportion of the rent, and those who rent public rental houses can be withdrawn in full according to the rent; (7) The migrant workers who are not registered in the registered residence of this city terminate the labor relationship with the unit; (8) Laid off and unemployed persons, male over 45 years old (including 45 years old), female over 40 years old (including 40 years old); (9) When an employee dies or is declared dead, his heirs and legatees apply for withdrawing the balance stored in the employee's housing provident fund account; (10) Living in difficulties and receiving the urban minimum living security fund; (11) Employees enjoy the minimum living security of urban residents; (12) Having been unemployed for more than two consecutive years and having serious difficulties in family life; (13) Serious difficulties in family life caused by serious illness or serious illness of himself, his spouse and his immediate family members; (14) Installing elevators in self occupied existing houses; (15) Other circumstances that the municipal Provident Fund Management Committee believes can be withdrawn. If an employee withdraws the housing accumulation fund in accordance with the provisions of items (2), (3), (4), (7), (8) and (9) of the preceding paragraph, the employee's housing accumulation fund account shall be cancelled at the same time. The social security rights enjoyed by employees in accordance with the law will not be affected after they withdraw the balance stored in the housing provident fund account in accordance with the provisions of items (11), (12) and (13) of the preceding paragraph




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