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In 2015, some dealers of Lanqiao wardrobe will work together with Wanhua Group, a strategic partner, to analyze market advantages and the new situation facing the current market, and jointly bring practical terminal marketing knowledge to major dealers

time of the conference: July 22, 2015 to July 23, 2015

place of the conference: Guangzhou Yiquan International Hotel

this conference is held by Guangzhou Lanqiao household products Co., Ltd. at that time, it will work with its strategic partner Wanhua group to jointly analyze the market advantages and the new situation faced by the current market, jointly bring practical terminal marketing knowledge to the major dealers, and vigorously improve the competitiveness and terminal marketing power of the major dealers

conference process arrangement:

this dealer conference is coordinated by marketing director Yuan Wei. President yuan has been committed to the customized home furnishing industry and has rich practical marketing experience. At that time, President yuan will lead to explain the innovative marketing plan at the conference, lay the foundation for the take-off of Lanqiao in the new stage, and expand the territory for major dealers with a new profit model

senior gold medal tutor leads the terminal marketing strategy:

Lanqiao wardrobe cooperates with the gold medal tutor of Wanhua Group, a strategic partner, to transmit professional knowledge and practical experience, quickly organize a wolf team, seize market share, plan strategies, and win sales alone

supreme harvest journey

with the purpose of "loving each other, Lanqiao family", Lanqiao wardrobe provides VIP treatment for the whole process of this dealer conference:

1 Free accommodation in five-star hotels

2. Treat guests with exquisite gifts

3. Release the newly designed software system

4. Professional practical marketing course training

5. Support policies and help dealers to flourish





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