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The emergence of "smart bookstore" makes many people feel strange, so what kind of wisdom is hidden in the smart bookstore

the emergence of "smart bookstore" makes many people feel strange, so what kind of wisdom is hidden in the smart bookstore

smart bookstore is based on smart space, supported by intelligent security, intelligent lighting, intelligent settlement, face recognition, Internet of things and other technologies, adhering to the concept of "building a civilized city and building a scholarly society together", and fully integrating the concepts of green, environmental protection, sustainability, simplicity, innovation in design and environmental construction, it has become a multi-functional Bookstore integrating libraries, cultural and creative stores, Xinhua micro bookstores, convenience stores, and leisure bars. Achieved 7 × The 24-hour book purchase and borrowing services have realized 30 second self-service shopping and self-service intelligent settlement services

smart bookstore: an open unattended reading venue, which can be accessed by swiping an ID card or a library card. Citizens can read free in the smart bookstore. If they want to borrow their favorite books home, they can borrow books only by following the steps of the operation process on the self-service library, which is very convenient

in addition to various types of paper books for citizens to read, there are also a large number of electronic books. On this tablet machine, as long as you search the title of the book you want to read according to the type of book, you can read the full text online, or scan the QR code of the cover, download it to the handheld machine, and you can read it for free. The innovation of science and technology greatly facilitates our reading means and makes it more convenient to acquire knowledge

Internet of things technology empowering ・ helping smart bookstore

promoting universal reading and building a scholarly society is an important strategic deployment of the party and the state. The whole society pays great attention to the cause of reading for all. By providing one-stop cultural life services, combined with today's hottest ai+iot technology, smart bookstore will create a new space for intelligent, convenient, efficient and healthy cultural life

uiot super smart home Internet of things technology helps the construction of smart bookstore

self regulation function of smart bookstore

uiot super smart home can provide a variety of smart solutions for intelligent libraries

01 environment self-regulation

air conditioning automatically adjusts according to the temperature. The light exhaust fan switches automatically according to whether there is a reader or not, and the air purifier can be adjusted according to the concentration of PM2.5

02 automatic reminder of closing status

when the library is powered off, the system will send a message to inform the administrator. Before the library closes, the system will broadcast the closing information, and the Phoenix fan air conditioner self-service borrowing and returning machine and other equipment in the front row of the door will be closed. Then lock the door. After locking the door, readers cannot go out and swipe their cards to enter. Readers in the library can't go out normally, and they can go out only after pressing the go out button. The alarm will be triggered after pressing the exit button. The back door was closed again in a minute

03 close the library to remind the sojourner to leave

after closing the library, the system feels that when readers stay in the library, it will send an alarm and the red light will flash, and remind readers to leave the library. The alarm will end only after readers leave the library

background management of the smart bookstore

1. The environment box sends the environmental data of illumination, temperature, humidity CO2, PM2.5 and formaldehyde of the smart bookstore to the managers at the first time, so that readers can easily master the reading environment

2. Smart camera: remote monitoring and management, which can push alarms, call monitoring, remote dialogue, and also capture illegal acts in real time, so as to grasp emergencies in time. Ensure the asset safety status and public safety of smart bookstore

3. Multi user management platform: uiot super smart home industry's only multi-user management platform, which can be managed by multiple libraries at the same time, library equipment management, and the administrator can be personally responsible. At the same time, it can also manage multiple libraries, check the current status of any library, manage app permissions, and supervise the staff in charge

more intelligent solutions

unmanned intelligent lighting

light switches can be controlled through light sensors

unmanned intelligent constant temperature

set the temperature of the air conditioning system through the temperature and humidity sensor. No matter how the outdoor temperature changes, the temperature in the museum remains the same

intelligent operation of remote supervision

the temperature and light of the smart library can be controlled through intelligent adjustment of the mobile app, and the lights on, off, open, close, ultraviolet disinfection light on, etc. can be controlled

unmanned smart TV

smart socket can be switched regularly

unattended remote monitoring

intelligent control system and remote monitoring system can be installed on the mobile phone, and the working time of each device can be set by remote control

unattended remote call

enables readers to press the call button directly if they need help. Managers can see real-time video and make voice calls with readers

unmanned intelligent ventilation

through the air quality sensor, the exhaust fan is controlled to turn on to maintain the flow of air in the museum

smart Bookstore brings quality reading anytime and anywhere closer to life, and realizes a more diverse and wider information sharing space. The implementation of uiot super smart home Internet of things technology enables readers to acquire knowledge more conveniently, healthily, safely and intelligently, making the management of smart Bookstore simpler, more efficient and saving human costs. Truly realize the intelligent reading space and realize people's pursuit of a better cultural life

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