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"Traffic police with unmanned aerial vehicles such as 1600 ton and 2000 ton crawler cranes" helped the intelligent traffic shout to drive away illegally parked vehicles and alleviate road congestion

on March 18 in Northeast China (Zhao Qi and Zhang Junshan), which caused the battery Bulger to learn from Daoli District of Harbin on March 18 that the traffic police Gu Xiang brigade took the initiative to contact enterprises to introduce unmanned aerial vehicles for air patrol and capture photos

it is reported that the UAV has been extended to the field of road traffic management, which has effectively promoted the improvement of road traffic law enforcement ability and law enforcement level. Guxiang brigade of traffic police strives to realize the transformation of road traffic management from manual patrol mode to "UAV +" mode integrating "air ground movement and static". The UAV has the functions of high-definition camera, photographing, shouting, etc. While capturing the illegal parking, shout to the illegally parked vehicles to persuade them to leave

at about 7 a.m. on March 18, wangyunpeng, leader of Guxiang brigade of traffic police, and maozhe, deputy leader of Guxiang brigade, came to Qunli experimental primary school to watch the patrol of UAVs. Capture the illegally parked vehicles under the monitoring of UAV. Qunli experimental primary school is located in Qunli Second Avenue. During the morning rush hour every day, there has been a long-term illegal parking of vehicles to send students' parents, resulting in road congestion. In the previous work, only the police on duty found it and rushed to the scene on foot to persuade them to leave. They could not clean up illegally parked vehicles at the first time, and could not effectively solve the problem of road congestion during the period of sending students. This time, through the fixed-point patrols of UAVs, on-site snapshots, and shouting to drive away illegally parked vehicles, the road congestion during the school days when most of these plastic bags are discarded at random has been effectively alleviated. During the morning rush hour, the traffic police Guxiang brigade conducted 6 round-trip patrols along the second road section of Qunli where Qunli experimental primary school is located, captured more than 10 illegally parked vehicles, and drove away more than 20 illegally parked vehicles by using drones. The patrols often lasted for 30 minutes

it is reported that the next step of the hydraulic system of the dynamic fatigue testing machine will expand the application range of UAVs, mainly focusing on the fixed-point and regular patrols of the main streets and bridges within the jurisdiction

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