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UC group's fy2016 MPL global stronghold conference came to a successful conclusion

uc group's fy2016 MPL global stronghold conference came to a successful conclusion

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recently, UC group held the "UC fy2016 MPL" global stronghold conference today, when China is vigorously developing green buildings. UCC (China), UCA (United States), uce (Europe) Senior leaders such as Ucj (Japan) and GCT (UC's subsidiary global accessories Technology Co., Ltd.) gathered in Kawasaki, Japan

ucc (China) originates from Anhui Hecha forklift Co., Ltd. and youjiali (Anhui) forklift Co., Ltd. as a new force of UC group, yanjianwen, vice president of UC and chairman of UCC, together with Zhang Lin and Haneda Hong, general managers of two major brand forklift companies, attended the group meeting

at this meeting, based on the global heavy industry market situation and economic development trend, each stronghold made a detailed analysis and Reflection on the operation of fy2015 in the half year, and formulated a detailed action plan for the development of the next stage. In the face of the current sluggish global economy, on the whole, in the half year of fy2015, UC's global stronghold still made steady progress and continued to improve its brand power in the global market

during the meeting, the principals of each stronghold had extensive communication, and had full exchanges and negotiations on operation management, scientific research and development, sales, procurement, etc., in order to gather the strength of manufacturing and processing shortcomings in the fields of resources, petroleum and chemical industry, win-win cooperation, and further improve market competitiveness. Each site indicated that it would continue to strengthen cooperation with UCC, optimize resource utilization, operation management and quality development. UCC said that since its establishment, it has focused on market operation and scientific research and development from a global perspective, and has spared no effort to forge two leading domestic brands, HCF and TCM. UCC will further strengthen the contact and cooperation with various strongholds. Now it is the main technology throughout the aerospace industry, sharing high-quality resources, expanding overseas markets, and is committed to casting HCF and TCM into world high-quality brands

after the meeting, yanjianwen, chairman of UCC, made a comprehensive analysis of the global economic market situation and the contents of the meeting, and pointed out that UCC's future development path, in the face of more and more diversified product markets, if it can not be submerged in the increasingly competitive market competition, it must strengthen and expand itself. The first thing is to continue to optimize and integrate the advantageous resources of HCF and TCM, do a good job in resource allocation, practice its internal skills, and do a solid job in the enterprise Make good products

In 2016, UCC will fully implement the important contents formed in this conference and the requirements of chairman yanjianwen's program on "cultivating internal skills", and in the cold winter of slow and sluggish development of market economy, we will unite in good faith and strive to break through the ice and create new achievements

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