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UAV vision integrates the latest universal joint on the Aerosonde UAV

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UAV vision has integrated the latest universal joint on the Aerosonde mk4.7j fixed wing UAV platform in order to truly understand the tension and pressure it bears.

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UAV vision announced that it has recently integrated the CM100 gyroscope stable universal joint into the Aerosonde mk4.7j fixed wing UAV platform

cm100 is installed on the aeroonde mk4.7j platform, showing the easy integration and operational performance of the latest multi sensor gyro stabilized universal joint. The successful pairing confirmed the reputation of CM100 as an established and very suitable EO and IR universal joint for unmanned aerial vehicles

the recorded flight lens shows a significant level of clarity and stability of the 1.5-pound dual sensor payload, which also enables object tracking and geographic location reference functions, which have never been seen before in a universal joint of this size

UAV vision continues to research and improve lightweight and high-performance universal joint technology, so that Aerosonde mk4.7j and other platforms can maintain a longer flight time with a clearance between the adjusting steel ball and the valve seat of about 0.5mm, and improve mission efficiency

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