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UAV yells that grandma wears a mask and becomes popular photographer: the publicity and epidemic prevention effect is good

UAV yells that grandma wears a mask and becomes popular photographer: the publicity and epidemic prevention effect is good

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original title: UAV yells that grandma wears a mask and becomes popular photographer: the publicity and epidemic prevention effect is good

people are making UAVs and watching grandma in the UAV monitoring village

Beijing News (Jing Xiaochen) recently, a video of "UAV yelling villagers to wear masks" was hot on major platforms. On January 30, the Beijing News contacted the photographer guojunjie, who said that the location of the incident was caoshifang village, Baimiaozi Town, tumed Left Banner, Inner Mongolia. The UAV was used to help publicize the epidemic prevention work in the village, and the effect was very good. Lvxudong, the first Secretary of caozhoufang village, said that the village would regularly patrol and publicize the epidemic prevention and control measures

video of UAV shouting grandma

on January 28, a video was hot on the Internet. The video showed that an old man without a mask was walking in the open space. At this time, a voice came from the sky. "Don't look, grandma. This is the drone in our village. Don't go out without a mask. So many people in our village say you can't say it. You have to send a drone to fly you.". It turned out that the photographer used the horn on the drone to shout to grandma. Grandma was shocked when she saw the drone. She looked up and walked back. Finally, the drone reminded grandma to wash her hands more and pay attention to hygiene

On January 30, the Beijing News contacted guojunjie, the video photographer. He is a local celebrity with nearly 200000 fans. He said that he often released some small videos or micro movies on the Internet. He usually lived in the city. The Spring Festival just coincided with his return home for the new year, so he wanted to help the village do epidemic prevention publicity. "I saw that some people in foreign countries would use drones to shout when shooting videos. Just as my drone was ok, I thought of using drones to publicize the work of epidemic prevention. The old woman in the video was an old woman in our village. Because she didn't listen to dissuasion and insisted on going out many times without wearing a mask, the village committee monitored her with my drone." After the video was posted to the website, he was surprised because the humorous advice became popular. "I didn't expect it to be popular."

pictures taken by UAV. According to guojunjie, the old man in the video is more than 80 years old. After the video caught fire, she also caught fire. "I now avoid letting people who measure the cross-section diameter at both ends and the middle of the test piece come to her. After all, I am old.". He told me that he was still in caoshangfang village and would help the village to use drones to publicize and prevent epidemic diseases in less than 300 hours

lvxudong, the first Secretary of caoshangfang village, introduced that during the epidemic period, the awareness of the elderly prevention and control change experimental machines in the village was weak, including spring change experimental machines, wire change experimental machines and material change experimental machines. Sometimes they wanted to go out for a walk when they couldn't stay at home, and they didn't have the habit of wearing masks. At present, the village will arrange village cadres to carry out post patrol and publicity work, and remind the villagers through radio and other means. For the use of UAVs, lvxudong told that the effect was more effective than the previous publicity, "the old people in the village don't go out much."

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