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Ucloud announced that it had obtained 960million yuan of round D financing

on March 29, at the tic2017 conference hosted by ucloud, a top domestic cloud computing service provider, ucloud CEO Ji Xinhua announced that the company had obtained 960million yuan of round D financing. This is another win in the capital market after ucloud obtained 100million dollars of round C financing in 2015. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously develop high nickel ncm622, ncm811 and NCA materials in the future. Up to now, ucloud has become the cloud computing company with the highest total financing amount in China, and ranks among the top three cloud computing manufacturers in China

it is reported that this financing is jointly invested by Yuanhe holdings and CICC Jiazi. After the removal of the vie architecture in 2016, ucloud has become a large cloud computing company with pure domestic investment. Jixinhua said that in the future, ucloud will continue to uphold the principles of neutrality, professionalism and customization to serve customers. After obtaining this round of financing, ucloud will continue to introduce high-end R & D talents, strengthen global infrastructure construction, lay out the field of artificial intelligence, cooperate with the the Belt and Road policy launched by the state, help Chinese enterprises go global, and help more customers achieve business innovation, transformation and upgrading

Founded in 2012, ucloud is the first batch of native cloud service providers to participate in the cloud computing industry in China. Positioned as a leading professional public cloud service provider in China, ucloud independently develops and provides basic IT architecture services necessary for enterprises such as computing resources, storage resources and network resources, deeply understands the business needs of Internet, mobile Internet and traditional enterprises in different scenarios, and provides customized industry solutions. Ucloud has created many pioneers, such as: the first domestic kernel hot patch technology to repair kernel defects without restart at zero cost, the first domestic SDN hardware operation in IAAs layer, the first domestic opening of Asia Pacific nodes and North American nodes, the first domestic passing the trusted cloud service certification of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the first domestic launch of Trinity hybrid cloud solutions, etc

at present, relying on the 17 global big data centers located in China, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, as well as the 11 national underground service stations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, ucloud has provided services to nearly 50000 enterprise level customers, with more than 1billion indirect service users. The service industry involves manufacturing, retail, finance, games, e-commerce, live broadcasting and other fields, The total output value of customer business deployed on the ucloud platform has reached more than 100 billion yuan

ucloud is an independent and neutral cloud service provider. It has grown rapidly in the past five years. Its business covers the Internet fields such as live broadcasting, games and e-commerce, as well as traditional industries such as retail, manufacturing, finance and medical treatment. It has clear development ideas and remarkable achievements. It has demonstrated its own advantages and potential, and confirmed the huge prospects of the cloud computing industry. After this financing, I hope ucloud can reach a new level. The person in charge of the investor said

indeed, ucloud has been steadily developing since its establishment. Previously, industry media analyzed the market revenue of seven mainstream cloud manufacturers in 2016, and the data showed that ucloud was in the top three. The huge amount of financing obtained this time will consolidate its position in the cloud computing market and avoid the allowable error limit of experimental force indication: it will cause interference to the instrument within ± 1% of the indication; The position of a camp

2017 ushered in a golden period for the cloud computing market. According to the data released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the scale of the cloud computing industry is expected to reach 600billion yuan this year, and the total scale is expected to reach 800billion yuan by 2018. It is not difficult to see that ucloud will be transformed into a domestic company this time. In addition to expanding its leading position in the original big entertainment, consumption upgrading, enterprise services, advanced manufacturing and other industries, it is also expected to gain greater inherent advantages in the government and state-owned enterprise markets

how to transform, upgrade, innovate and develop the Department of polymer materials of Suzhou Yuanhe Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuanhe holding) is an investment holding enterprise that manages a capital scale of 23billion yuan. Its business covers three major sectors: equity investment, debt financing services and investment and financing services, including China's first national equity investment master fund, China's largest angel investment platform, China's only thousand talents plan venture capital center The first domestic technology small loan company with creditor's rights + options, etc

CICC Jiazi (Beijing) Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (CICC Jiazi) is a subsidiary controlled by the direct investment business platform of China International Finance Corporation (CICC). It is one of the direct investment cooperation business platforms of CICC. It manages a number of equity investment funds focusing on emerging industries. The investment scope of the funds covers different stages from angel to the middle and later stages. The investment fields include Internet + Big consumption, big health, big culture, industry 4.0, green economy, etc

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