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The spirit of craftsman is to be proficient in work, craftsman in mind, and product in practice. In the process of accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power, we should integrate the craftsman spirit of excellence, unremitting innovation, honesty and dedication into modern industrial production and management practice, consolidate the foundation, fill in the shortcomings, speed up the formation of new advantages of made in China, and create a new business card of made in China

excellence is the essence of craftsmanship and the key to building a quality brand made in China. Speed, scale expansion, imitation and catching up were once the key words of market competition. Enterprises often rely on low-cost factor investment to obtain market and profits. However, when it is necessary to "go to a higher level", excellence will become an inevitable choice for enterprises. To carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship is to encourage enterprises to establish the business philosophy of quality first and reputation first, popularize advanced production management modes and methods such as excellent performance, lean production and quality diagnosis, strictly implement process standards, and strengthen the whole process quality control and management from R & D and design, material procurement, production and manufacturing to sales services; It is to guide enterprises to operate in good faith, enhance brand awareness with quality and reputation as the core, promote brand culture construction, and enhance the value connotation of independent brands; It is to support enterprises to improve the awareness and quality of all employees, and improve global consumers' brand recognition and loyalty to made in China through adherence to quality, rules, standards and processes

innovation is an important connotation of craftsmanship, and it is also the key for made in China to move towards the middle and high end. The spirit of craftsmanship pursues the concept of "workers are creators" and promotes technological progress and industrial development in related fields through continuous innovation and innovation of artisans. But innovation is not achieved overnight. It requires long-term sustained investment and accumulation. Over the years, the transformation rate of innovation achievements in China is not high, an important reason is that there is a lack of a large number of experienced technical workers, especially technicians, in the transformation process from laboratory products to production line products, and many technical implementation problems such as process, yield, tooling and so on are difficult to solve. To carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship is to enhance the awareness of innovation, strengthen innovation investment, and accelerate technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation and mode innovation centered on user needs; We should seize the opportunity of accelerating the integration of new generation information technology and traditional industries, guide enterprises to continuously improve manufacturing processes, product performance and categories, and make products better adapt to and lead consumer demand; It is to guide backbone enterprises to climb the peak, aim at the commanding height of future industrial development, carry out collaborative innovation of industry, University, research and application, overcome a number of key common technologies that have long plagued industrial development, and continue to improve China's strength and voice in related fields

being honest and dedicated is an important characteristic of the craftsman spirit, and it is also a necessary path for the manufacturing industry to change from big to strong. To carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship is to unswervingly develop the manufacturing industry, guide enterprises to establish a dedicated spirit of "grinding a sword in ten years", and take the development path of "specialization and innovation" in combination with their own strengths; It is to cultivate and improve the single champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry, support enterprises to focus on the innovation of segmented product markets, product quality improvement and brand cultivation, integrate resources globally, and strive to occupy the leading position in the global industrial chain; It is to promote large-scale central enterprises to focus on their main businesses, focus on important industries and key fields related to national security, the lifeline of the national economy and the national economy and the people's livelihood, focus on forward-looking and strategic industries, focus on the middle and high-end of the industrial chain value chain, become stronger, better and bigger, and strive to become a first-class enterprise with international influence and competitiveness

build a dream with ingenuity and create a new business card made in China

fine craftsman adheres to the dedicated spirit of "grinding a sword in ten years", takes professional environmental protection technology as the production core, and makes more homes become eco homes. High quality products are produced with high production efficiency in order to meet the changing market demand. Build Chinese brands with perfect quality, create the best value industrial system with the brand characteristics of fine craftsman, and form the core competitive advantage of fine craftsman manufacturing. In the future, fine craftsman will vigorously improve environmental protection production technology, create environmental protection brand, realize environmental protection production, and comprehensively practice "made in China 2025"

"fine wood? Craftsman? Ecologist"

this is the mission of every fine wood craftsman

professional because of concentration

high quality because of pragmatism

lead because of innovation




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