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For the part of hydropower transformation where consumers complain constantly, decoration companies also have difficulties. The boss of a decoration company said that the part of water and electricity transformation is uncontrollable. Because today's buildings have gone through the water circuit when they are handed over, but some are not suitable for the needs of the owners, so they need to be changed

according to the survey, nearly 95% of the people in the home decoration market have experienced decoration additions, and the actual expenditure is far beyond the budget at the beginning of the decoration. The quotation of netizen Xiaolin before decoration was very detailed, and each item was clearly marked. As a result, when it came to the project, the foreman began to say that your wall needs to be pasted. If you don't paste it, there must be cracks in the future, and Xiaolin can only “ From ” Yes, this item has increased by dozens of yuan per square meter; For the water and electricity transformation in the early stage of decoration, the advance payment of 3000 yuan is not enough at all. The foreman said how to connect and change the electricity. These Xiaolin didn't understand it at all, and they could only do it according to the foreman's words. Once the money was calculated, it was more than 5000 yuan

in fact, there are many cases of budget overruns caused by additional items in decoration, but they are mainly concentrated on hydropower transformation, product installation and solving the problems of original houses. The joint network survey of sina home and this newspaper shows that the expenditure of hydropower transformation exceeds the budget by 75%

for the part of water and electricity transformation where consumers complain constantly, decoration companies also have difficulties. The boss of a decoration company said that the part of water and electricity transformation is uncontrollable. Because today's buildings have gone through the water circuit when they are handed over, but some are not suitable for the needs of the owners, so they need to be changed. According to the reporter, some formal decoration companies are also strictly controlled in terms of additional items. If the percentage exceeding the quotation is too high, they will also be punished internally

According to the reporter, with the rise of raw material prices, decoration auxiliary materials and wood prices, some decoration companies have had price adjustment plans, which also means that the total decoration price will rise to a certain extent after the Spring Festival. Therefore, when making the decoration budget after the Spring Festival, we must consider a series of factors such as price rise

at present, in terms of price management of home decoration, there is no unified quotation standard in the country. There are many kinds of home decoration materials on the market. There are differences in the pricing methods of basic construction costs, material costs and other aspects between different home decoration companies, and the names of different construction projects are also different. Therefore, consumers go to different home decoration companies to ask for quotations. When facing the home decoration budgets of different companies, they need more professional knowledge

in addition, some home decoration companies create traps artificially, which is also an important reason for the large gap between decoration quotations. Choosing expensive quotations will definitely overspend, but choosing cheap quotations will eventually overspend, and inaccurate quotations often make consumers' budgets deviate from the right direction. Therefore, consumers must be fully prepared and strictly control the budget. When facing smiling designers, don't be too “ Feelings ” Use things

adding more items, restricting more package decoration is not a package at all

most people pay attention to package decoration because its unit price is cheap. For example, there have been 168/square meter, 188/square meter, 269 yuan/square meter, 288/square meter and other price packages on the market. No matter the pricing refers to the construction area or the use area, this price looks very attractive. But is this really the case? If you choose this method, most decoration budgets will “ Take ”. Because there are many restrictions on the package, you have to add another “ Pay ” Of the decoration projects, some of which you didn't know before signing the contract

to provide “ Menu style ” Decoration services are mainly home decoration companies. I visited several home decoration companies located on the third floor of the incredibly home on the North Fourth Ring Road. These home decoration companies are small-scale. As soon as they arrived at the door, service personnel took the initiative to welcome them with their company's leaflets and tried their best to stay, so as to introduce and recommend their company's services to reporters. The reporter inquired one by one about the “ Menu style ” Decoration services

and those non “ Menu style ” Compared with home decoration companies providing decoration services, although these companies are still operating this kind of “ Package ” Service, but many designers are recommending “ Package ” What's more, it's almost called “ Package offers ” To attract consumers, and then find ways to promote other “ Company products &rdquo

the overall feeling of reporters is this “ Package ” Decoration is suitable for homeowners who are afraid of trouble or are unwilling to spend more time and energy. It is also suitable for decoration for rental housing. But homeowners should also be prepared, the so-called “ Package ” It's not a package in the end. There are many restrictive problems, and many specific details still need consumers themselves “ Pocket ”. Therefore, when choosing a home decoration company, homeowners also need to understand the relevant services, and don't just be “ Package ” The price of. If consumers want to decorate a house they like and meet their wishes, it is recommended that you compare it more before placing an order

experts remind: be careful with home decoration “ Package decoration mode ” How to draw up a reasonable decoration budget? How to maintain your budget in decoration? How to do better with limited money? Let's invite insiders to help us calculate well. For many people who plan to decorate after the new year, it is necessary to formulate a strict and scientific decoration budget. Maybe some people say that they probably set a price and then find a decoration company to quote. If it matches, do it, if not, don't do it. Isn't it simple? As everyone knows, the decoration price promised by any decoration company or decoration team at the beginning of decoration will increase in the final actual operation. Some additional items and mandatory items not mentioned in the quotation will make people overspend and finally gnash their teeth to pay

it is reported that recently, the China Consumer Association reminded consumers to be on guard “ Package decoration ” Low price trap in. In recent years, “ Package sales form ” Family decoration mode. This decoration mode is mainly through the integration of main and auxiliary materials, furniture, accessories and other products, and provides corresponding decoration schemes according to different package quotas. At the same time, it can also be adjusted according to the personalized needs of consumers

many home decoration companies are also playing “ Free design ” Special promotions for. However, this matter, which could have benefited consumers, has recently been frequently complained about. According to the relevant person in charge of the consumption complaint department of the China Consumer Association, the main complaints of consumers about decoration companies are: individual home decoration companies first reported a lower decoration package, supplemented by a free design commitment, requiring consumers to pay a deposit first. After paying the deposit, the decoration budget issued by the decoration designer according to the door-to-door measurement results is much higher than the package selected by consumers. At this point, once the consumer reneges, the deposit will not be refundable

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