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Interior decoration design geomantic omen is a broad and profound knowledge. What we can do is not to master it, but to learn its essence. As long as we can learn the essence of geomantic omen, I believe you can make your family harmonious, your career stable, and your wealth bumper when decorating without a geomantic master. What should we pay attention to in interior decoration geomantic omen? How can design bring good luck to yourself


the living room is one of the cores of the house, which needs to be taken seriously. First of all, the lighting in the living room is important, so we should be more careful in lighting. Because there are more noble people in the north in 2014, it is best to place the lamp accessories in the north, which will be more beneficial to our career

the lighting in the living room should be sufficient, especially during the day, the light should be bright and not dazzling, and the air should be fresh and circulating, so as to replenish positive energy at any time and bring good luck to yourself. Never choose a bulb with a low wattage, because in Feng Shui, this is taboo. If you choose a bulb that is dark and colorful, it is easy to cause damage to your eyes and affect your luck, such as wealth

if the lighting in the living room is poor, it is best to choose incandescent lamps and bulbs with relatively white lights. If the lighting in the living room is sufficient, it is best to choose white and yellow lights, which can be used together


in 2014, because many directions are not very good for wealth and business, it is best to choose the north direction in 2014, sitting in the north and facing the south direction. Never choose the southeast direction, northeast direction, and southwest direction, which is easy to bring disadvantages to families


the best orientation for the living room is in the first half of the house -- close to the door, which can bring a lot of good luck to the family; If you need to walk a long corridor to get to the living room, then the corridor must be kept clean and tidy with sufficient lighting, so as to avoid gas entering the living room and bring disadvantages to the family; If it's a mezzanine house, it's best to build the living room on the lower floor


corridor has the meaning of making money, so we should pay special attention to it. It is best to build it in a relative position in the north-south direction, and Feng Shui is better


the gate is also a core point of the residence, so in 2014, it is best to build the gate in the due west, southwest and south directions. If you want to see whether the wealth is good and whether the family is healthy, you have to see where the gate is built. If the gate is designed in other directions, it is easy to cause family discord and even lose money, so choose the right location


the decoration of the living room can reflect a person's style, and it can also see whether a family's wealth is rolling. The decoration of the living room can't be entirely based on personal preferences, but still need to be measured according to Feng Shui, so it's best to invite a Feng Shui expert to design and then decorate. The sofa can't be placed in the West and southwest, which will bring disadvantages to the family




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