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When you determine your favorite home style through various ways such as the Internet or traditional media; According to their own economic situation, the decoration budget has been made; After browsing a large number of model houses, the designer was selected. The next work is to implement the specific matters of design and construction. Before the intense and busy construction starts, there are still many things to pay attention to about the design and construction budget and contract

there are many things to prepare before the decoration starts. First, you have to determine your favorite home style through various channels such as the Internet or traditional media. Secondly, you have to make a decoration budget according to your economic situation. Then you browse a large number of model houses and select a designer. The next work is to implement the specific matters of design and construction. However, before the tense and busy construction starts, there are still many things to pay attention to about the design and construction budget and contract. It is necessary to make three preparations before the decoration starts. Now let's introduce the three preparations in detail

first, three preparations

1. Beware of overlord design terms

according to the different forms of decoration, there are three forms: clear package, half package and full package. Now, more people choose half contract labor. The decoration company is responsible for auxiliary materials and labor, and the owner purchases the main materials himself. In this way, you can choose the materials you like, but it takes a lot of time and energy. Some decoration companies will send designs, but more people are willing to spend some design fees and invite their favorite designers to do it. Some also invite a design company to do the design and then find another decoration company to do the construction. No matter what form, it is indispensable to sign a contract

after successful communication with designers, design contracts should be signed. At present, qualified design units generally use the contract in the unified format of the 2005 edition of the China Interior Decoration Association. The actual use area is estimated according to the building area, and the corresponding design deposit is charged, and the door-to-door measurement is scheduled. The final design fee is charged on the basis of the area in the suite. Some design companies look that the design unit price is very cheap on the surface, but it is actually charged according to the building area. Therefore, consumers must understand it clearly before signing the contract

the design cost must be settled when the design scheme is fully confirmed, that is, the design cost must be settled before the owner can take away the construction drawings. This seems to lack guarantee for the service of designers in the construction process in the future. In fact, these terms are stated in the design contract. Basically, during the whole construction process, the designer should be present for four times, including one commencement disclosure, one carpentry, one painting, and one final acceptance. Accompany the owner to buy building materials and soft decoration, a total of about 5-8 times, including the first four times after arriving at the scene. If the design unit breaches the contract in this process, the owner can complain to the association based on the contract, and the association will come forward to solve it. Therefore, before signing the contract, we should carefully read the terms of breach of contract

2. Be familiar with various design processes

within 7-10 days after the measurement, the designer will sort out the requirements informed by the owner and his favorite design style to draw the scheme. After the completion of the plan, the plan shall be communicated with the owner at an agreed time. In the process of scheme communication, the owner can put forward different views by himself. The scheme will be modified when both parties reach an agreement. After the scheme is completely finalized, the designer will continue to work on the subsequent construction drawing

in the process of the designer drawing the construction drawings, the design company will generally have a special person to accompany the trade owner to select the favorite main decoration materials, and suggest the building materials that are suitable for the price of the customer's decoration budget (including the color of wall and floor tiles, sanitary ware, faucet, floor, cabinet style, etc.). In the process of selecting the main materials, if the designer and the designer reach a preliminary agreement, they should record in detail the brand, model and price of the building materials they are interested in, Convenient for future purchase

the designer will contact the owner to make an appointment for the disclosure of design drawings after completing the complete set of construction drawings (including the list of decoration materials, plane measurement drawings, plane layout drawings, plane reconstruction drawings, floor laying drawings, top and light layout drawings, switch layout drawings, strong current socket layout drawings, weak current socket layout drawings, decorative elevation details, section node drawings, etc.)

on the condition that the design drawings are confirmed to be correct, the customer shall submit the complete set of design drawings to the construction unit for budget quotation. If you encounter problems halfway, you can contact the designer in time to explain, or after the construction unit is familiar with the drawings, you can make an appointment to let the designer and the construction unit make the first design disclosure, and the designer will answer the difficulties and incomprehensions in the drawings pointed out by the construction unit. After the designer and the constructor reach an agreement, schedule the construction mobilization time and go to the site for design disclosure

3. The construction budget should be clear

after dealing with the design company, it is time to negotiate with the construction unit. The construction unit will make a budget for materials and labor according to the construction drawings issued by the designer. If it is half a package, the budget quoted includes labor costs and auxiliary material costs. You should be well aware of each cost list, and you can negotiate the price with the construction unit, but generally speaking, there is not much money. Some companies will offer to send materials, water pipes, wires, switches and the like instead of discounts. If you are looking for a company with a good reputation, And after grinding for a long time, the other party did not give in, indicating that there was no moisture in the cost, and it would be pleasant to get some materials

in addition, with regard to supervision, many new Shanghai families are out of town now. They are usually busy with their work and don't have much time to stay on site. They are not at ease. It is suggested that they can find a node supervision through the home website. After each stage is completed, they will help with the acceptance once. The charge is not expensive, about 500 yuan per 100 square meters

if you have done these jobs well, choose a good day to start work! Remember to set off some firecrackers in the house on the day of construction, so as to open the door! On this day, your designers and construction team will be present to carry out the disclosure work, and the happy home settling journey you three have spent together will also begin &hellip& hellip;

II. Other preparations:

of course, this is only your preparation for the design and construction contract, and there are other contracts that you also need to pay attention to! We should also pay attention to finding the community property, signing the decoration agreement issued by it, and then providing the drawings of our own decoration, mainly the non bearing wall projects of water circuit reconstruction and demolition, and handling “ Work permit ”, It is used to stick it on your door during construction, which is convenient for property inspection. Of course, you should also prepare the corresponding decoration deposit and garbage removal fee. Wait

III. decoration character story

character: Cordyceps Occupation: psychologist

my home decoration has been done vigorously for three months. Looking back on the preparations before the construction, there are still many experiences and lessons that can be shared. I hope the road we have traveled can give you more inspiration and help

1. Measure the room

when you ask the decoration company to measure the room, you should prepare a room type map and a pen, follow the room measuring personnel and record their measured data one by one on the room type map. This is the most original data, which is very useful and must be preserved

2. Communicate your ideas with the designer.

I remind you not to completely follow the designer's ideas. After all, the house is decorated and we live, not the designer. Some designers' ideas are not practical or do not meet the requirements of our actual life, so the suggestions of the designer must be discussed and decided with their families; Don't throw away the ideas that have been rejected by designers immediately. After all, your own ideas may be more in line with your own needs

3. Budget

after the construction budget of the decoration company meets the requirements, don't be busy signing the contract first. You can take pictures of this budget with your mobile phone or camera (because you can't bring out the general budget). If there is no tool to take pictures, take a pen and copy it one by one. The more detailed it is, the better. Then tell the decoration company that we can go back and check it before signing the contract

4. The most important moment has come, and it is also a relatively arduous task - checking the budget

first of all, check your budget with the blank budget he previously gave you to see whether the material price, labor, etc. are correct. If you have any questions, take notes and ask them together

secondly, calculate the area. Take out the house type map with the original data and calculate the required area one by one against the budget. If the floor tile is paved, the floor area of the toilet can be calculated. The area must be accurately calculated. If you don't have the original data in your hand, you don't know whether the area has been overestimated. For example, the floor area should be calculated for paving tiles. If one square meter is added, the auxiliary materials will be added one square meter, and the labor will be added one square meter. That is, one square meter will add a series of money, because the price of auxiliary materials and labor will be calculated according to the area. But the most important thing is the price of main materials. The unit price of main materials is high, and an extra square meter may add dozens or even hundreds of yuan. Under such a contract, the decoration company will make a lot more money out of thin air before doing anything

the last is loss. Some areas are subject to loss, such as the area of floor tiles. The added loss is a few percentage points more than the actual area (generally the loss is between 5%-8%), and the price of accessories is calculated according to the added loss area. However, remember that there is no loss of labor, so when calculating labor, we must eliminate the loss, that is, calculate labor according to the actual area

5. Sign the contract

put forward all the differences in price, area and loss with the decoration company one by one. The construction contract can be signed only after all the differences are clarified and corrected

about the three preparations before the decoration starts, I'll introduce it here today. I hope I can help my friends prepare for the decoration! For more information, please pay attention




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