There are many Feng Shui taboos for small houses.

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As house prices are higher and higher, and house types are smaller and smaller, small house types are forced to become popular. The emergence of small family houses has also created a large number of small family decoration problems

as house prices are higher and higher, house types are smaller and smaller, and small house types are forced to become popular. The emergence of small family houses has also created a large number of small family decoration problems. For example, some traditional owners will pay attention to the feng shui knowledge of small family houses. What is the knowledge of small family Feng Shui? Do you understand? What Feng Shui taboos do we need to pay attention to when decorating small houses? Now let's learn about feng shui knowledge of small family houses

1. No matter how small the house type is, it should also have windows

the space of small house type is narrow, so when decorating, we will pay special attention to lighting and ventilation. Because good lighting and ventilation can alleviate the cramped and depressed feeling of small family houses! In addition, keeping the space bright and ventilated is absolutely the primary condition for good feng shui. If you live in a humid and dark environment for a long time, it will inevitably affect your physiology and psychology over time. Therefore, whether buying or renting a house, it is recommended to choose a house type with external windows, and often open windows to maintain light and air convection, so as to bring a good aura to the space

2. Be diligent in storage and avoid clutter

the biggest problem of small houses is their small area, which will inevitably lead to insufficient storage space, disordered home and debris accumulation. However, from the perspective of geomantic omen, the place where sundries accumulate will produce filth, which will affect the overall fortune. In particular, it should be noted that too many sundries should be avoided under the bed, which is easy to harm the health of residents. Therefore, it is suggested that small house owners should make full use of space and increase the storage function in the decoration design; When using it at ordinary times, regularly clean up unwanted items at home to maintain a clean and tidy environment

3. The area is small, so it is suitable to choose light colors

small family houses. Moderate style transformation can bring rich flavor to life, but light colors should be preferred in color selection, so as to keep the vision fresh and comfortable, and also bring spacious effect to small suites; Avoid choosing too cold and dark tones, which is not only easy to compress the visual sense of space, but also may cause psychological pressure

4. Don't open the door and see the window. Doors and windows are relatively

in Feng Shui, doors and windows are relative, and doors are relative. It is commonly known as "chuantangsha", which is a common Feng Shui taboo in home feng shui. Especially in the small terrace house type, due to the limited space conditions, it is inevitable to open the door to the window. It is suggested that a screen and door curtain can be set to block the entry line of sight, dissolve the evil spirit, and choose fog surface and penetrating materials, which can also extend the light and keep the space bright

5. Don't open the door to bed, don't punch the door

due to the small space, the layout of "open the door to bed" often appears in small houses. In fact, this is also one of the Feng Shui taboos. It will cause the residents to be restless and nervous, so they can't get a good rest, and it will also affect their career and wealth. For the placement of beds in the small suite, it is recommended to be in the diagonal position of the door, so that you will not see the bed as soon as you enter the door, resulting in the geomantic problem of "opening the door to the bed"; In addition, it is also necessary to avoid the end of the bed facing the door, otherwise a "door punch" pattern will be formed, and the residents' emotions will be easily disturbed, restless, and have a great impact on their health

I'll introduce you to feng shui knowledge of small family houses here. Due to the small space area of small family houses, there will be many forced layouts. In addition to improving the space utilization rate, we should improve the decoration design. We also need to try to avoid these Feng Shui taboos! If you want to customize furniture, you are welcome to follow the official website of Hongchao noble, make an online appointment with Hongchao noble home designers, make an appointment for door-to-door gauge design for free, and customize your furniture





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