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On July 8th, 2015, Kanoya Construction Expo exhibition hall opened at booth 15, hall 9.2, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leading brand in the customized home furnishing industry, canoya officially appeared at the China Construction Expo with a new image and new trend technology

on July 8, 2015, the Kanoya Construction Expo exhibition hall opened at booth 15, hall 9.2, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leading brand in the customized home furnishing industry, canoya officially appeared at the China Construction Expo with a new image and new trend technology

taking advantage of such a grand event as the Guangzhou Construction Expo, canoya released the "canoya smart home industry launch ceremony", announcing the official launch of "smart home". Many multimedia came to the scene to congratulate, such as Huiya information, home hotline, Pacific home network, Netease home, China wardrobe network, and so on. The scene was lively

among them, Kanoya and Bedouin reached a partnership and started a new journey. "Strategic cooperation is a kind of fate. Bedouin is an information-based enterprise at the forefront. We will work together to achieve win-win results." Laiyongjing, general manager of marketing, said

after the successful completion of the launching ceremony of Kanoya smart home industry, Lai Yongjing, general manager of Kanoya marketing, accepted the interviews of major media and expounded the essence of smart home

let furniture also have ideas

in Bill Gates' $60million technology mansion, one button can automatically fill the bathtub with water, automatically turn on the air conditioner, automatically show movies for guests, etc. This is a real appearance of smart home in front of the world. However, such a "home of the future" has huge investment, and now it has become a real life that can be realized - on July 9, 2015, Kanoya let Bill Gates' smart life enter the public

furniture is a dead thing. How can we have the ability to think? This is the key to canoya smart home. Kanoya smart home integrates furniture in different spaces into the same home system through the networking of things on the home platform, with the cooperation of computers, communication equipment and other technical means, so that furniture and furniture can be interconnected, and unified and coordinated management can be achieved. It can bring help from dynamic opening and closing doors, clothing matching, smart storage and other aspects for residents, and realize the complete idealization of furniture

let intelligence also be available to the public

once building a fully intelligent home requires a large number of lines to be laid, and the cost is staggering. In order to make every Chinese family enjoy the smart life, Kanoya, relying on the home Research Institute, has developed Kanoya smart home through dedicated research and development, comprehensively reducing the cost of smart furniture, making smart home go down the high stage and close to thousands of households. Smart home has changed from luxury consumption to mass consumption, and everyone can enjoy the convenient life brought by technology

since its inception in 2001, canoya has always taken "providing overall home solutions and innovation leading human life" as its own responsibility, and through continuous research and innovation, it has brought the best and most comfortable lifestyle to people. On July 9, 2015, the launching ceremony of canoya smart home industry came to a successful conclusion, which not only marks canoya's official entry into the field of smart home, but also a major boost to the improvement and development of smart home in the future. The future of intelligent life, let's see Kanoya

Kanoya smart home definition

the development history of customized home, every chapter shows the sublimation of living experience, from single customized sliding door, to customized wardrobe, and overall home customization. Kanoya has participated in these monumental moments almost all the way, and has been constantly studying and creating. Until today, Kanoya's pursuit of customized home has achieved a higher level leap, that is, Kanoya smart home

if we want to define "Kanoya smart home", it should be like this: Kanoya smart home is the result of the home platform Internet of things. Through technology or Internet and other technical means, furniture in different spaces will be incorporated into a home system, so that furniture and furniture can cooperate with each other, and can be managed in a unified and coordinated manner, and ultimately serve to provide a more comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment

compared with the traditional smart home, it needs to invest high equipment and lines. In order to let more people enjoy the smart life, Kanoya, relying on Kanoya home Research Institute, comprehensively reduces the cost of smart home, and makes smart home go down the high price platform, from luxury goods to mass consumer goods for everyone

canoya brings ultra-high beauty exhibits

at this China Construction Expo, canoya officially appeared with trendy new products. The exhibits mainly include combined rural style wardrobe, multi-functional modern style bookcase, Chinese classical bookcase and TV cabinet, as well as canoya intelligent cloakroom. Various styles, ingenious and exquisite designs, and multi-functional combinations perfectly present Kanoya's new fashion appearance

first impression - Kanoya smart cloakroom: through the tunnel of time and space, when one foot falls to the ground, the snow oak from the Nordic plateau meets the natural olive wood, which is extremely simple and fresh, as if you were in a snow covered world, and the color of the olive log is glowing with natural vitality. First acquaintance, simple and pure appearance, gives people a holy and pure spiritual feeling, and makes people have a sense of urgency to get closer. Yes, this is the first impression of Kanoya smart cloakroom

meeting notes - Kanoya French silver drawing cloakroom: slowly approach her, and you will be deeply attracted by her snow-white skin and delicate texture. Before you know it, you start your first meeting. You know that she is a woman full of wisdom, and every part of her body is carefully designed and cleverly constructed. You don't realize that she is full of curiosity and expectation, and you begin to daydream about the woman in front of you. For the first time, she is the actual carrier you can touch from far to near. However, you still need further understanding and running in to enter the palace of hand in hand

acquaintance hand in hand: through acquaintance, you have a preliminary understanding of the woman in front of you. In the process of beginning to know each other, she slowly unveiled her mysterious veil to you. You gradually know that she is not only a wise woman, but also versatile. She not only has complete components and rich functions, but also has countless intelligent devices, which can create infinite comfort and warm experience for home life

talent 1: accurately locate clothes: the built-in positioning system can accurately locate the clothes you want by inputting keywords

talent 2: forecast the weather and remind collocation. Connect the network system, you can feel the outside weather at any time, and forecast the weather for you; And according to the weather conditions, give reasonable suggestions for wearing collocation. After confirmation, the corresponding locker will pop up automatically, so that you can easily get dressed every day

talent 3: take care of clothes and be a good housekeeper. Through automatic sterilization, air drying, constant temperature and humidity and other functions, it can provide warm care for your beloved clothes, so that you can all feel her care and consideration

talent 4: Online recommendation of fashion trends. According to different occasions, provide clothing matching suggestions, and recommend fashionable clothing matching in real time, so that your life is full of fashion

talent 5: health consultants. Built in induction detection system, when the body feels uncomfortable, the smart wardrobe will help you measure important signs such as blood pressure and blood glucose, and put forward various suggestions from fitness to medication. If the functional wardrobe senses that the human body is unconscious or the signs are seriously abnormal, it will call 120 emergency number in time to help you and your family deal with emergencies

to understand a person, we need to know not only her external appearance, but also her internal quality. In this future journey through time and space, Kanoya smart cloakroom will leave you an impression of fashion, intimacy, warmth and full of connotation, both externally and internally

CCPIT decrypts canoya smart cloakroom

as a good partner for home storage, cloakroom has become an indispensable element in daily life. You must have some little secrets that only the cloakroom knows. When you first enter your life, it will be honest with you and contain all your sustenance and emotions. And you know what? Kanoya cloakroom develops smart cloakroom! It can not only collect small secrets, but also take you to experience intelligent storage and scientific management

suit matching suggestion function: Kanoya smart cloakroom will set the suit matching scheme according to different occasions, touch the control button to realize the automatic operation of the function, and switch the modes of "dinner", "meeting", "Sports" at will, so as to provide the most suitable dress scheme for you. It is your most intimate professional image consultant

fashion matching recommendation function: canoya smart cloakroom can connect to the online business platform, like a private housekeeper, to remind you of outdated and out of season clothes, and recommend the latest fashion clothing matching, so that you can stand at the forefront of the trend and become a fashion master

cabinet top and clothes hanging rod lifting function. You must often experience this situation: your parents step on the chair and want to take the clothes or bedding in the top cabinet, but the shaking chair feet always make you worried; Your child always tries to stand on tiptoe, but still can't reach the clothes hanging in the wardrobe. At the moment, you must hope to have a set of smart cloakroom with automatic lifting of cabinet top and clothes hanging rod. Kanoyazi smart cloakroom thinks what you want and can help you realize such a home dream

reminder function of temperature difference in different places: friends who often travel in different places must often be deeply distressed because they can't accurately perceive the local weather changes and don't carry reasonable clothes. However, there is such a smart cloakroom, which can accurately predict the temperature in different places and give warm tips for adding and subtracting clothes, so that you can lose your time on business and feel the warmth of home all the time. This is the new secret of canoya cloakroom

a cloakroom that will feel your inner needs and provide you with a smart life. You must want to be in the arms of home life all the time! Canoya smart cloakroom, the new function you expect, has been put into practical use at present, and canoya will continue its efforts in the future to present a more intelligent and fashionable custom cloakroom. Let's wait and see




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