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Luo Qi curtain Luoyang store has opened. The owner is confident to become bigger and stronger and build Luo Qi curtain into a local best-selling brand in Luoyang


Luo Qi curtain Luoyang Red Star Macalline owner's self statement: "I joined Luo Qi in August, 2015. I haven't been in touch with curtains before, but I'm optimistic about the market prospect of curtains and try to enter this industry. Because curtains are hand-made products, and my store is in red star Macalline, I finally decided to join a brand to do it. First, the supply of goods, product style design and order processing can be entrusted to the company. Second, brand awareness can quickly open the local market, The quality of products and after-sales service can be recognized by customers

then began to look for curtain brands on the Internet. After a period of understanding and comparing several well-known brands in the industry, she finally chose Luo Qi with the support of her lover. The most important thing is that the company's business model is very suitable for novices like me. I am very attracted by the policy of finished product customization, unconditional free replacement of samples for life, order delivery before settlement, and activity support for Direct stores; Secondly, Luo Qi is also well-known. She invited Zhou Haimei as the brand ambassador. There are advertisements on CCTV, satellite TV and search engines. Moreover, I asked the marketing department of Red Star Macalline and learned that red star Macalline also has franchisees in other places, which makes me very relieved

after I decided to join Luo Qi, because it was not far from the marketing department of the company, I decided to book a train ticket to the north and decided to go to the company for on-site investigation. After arriving at the exhibition hall, I learned and compared the product quality, style and price of the company. Then I visited the standardized production process of the processing workshop under the leadership of the manager. Finally, I talked with the business manager about the company's detailed policies and service content. After carefully reading the contract content, I signed a contract with the company on the spot

after the decoration of the store and the careful training and guidance of the trainers, now my store has officially opened. Although I have just come into contact with this industry, I am confident to become bigger and stronger and build Luo Qi into a local best-selling brand in Luoyang! I also hope the company can give me strong support

Luo Qi, as the leader of the domestic curtain fashion trend, has created many industry benchmarks: the country's first finished curtain chain brand, the country's first color contrast design center, the country's first curtain brand that broadcasts brand advertisements on CCTV, the country's first finished curtain brand that adopts the delivery before settlement mechanism, and the country's first curtain brand with quality inspection reports on fabrics, The first curtain brand in China to launch curtain production standards with more than 300 standards

inherit history and artistic ingenuity,

touch classics in eternal quality

discover inspiration and life creativity,

weave taste in elegant style

-- Luo Qi, with each classic,

creates a different elegant taste

a clear tea spreads elegance, and the city is covered with pearls

Luo Qi curtain fabric

Luo Qi curtain is deeply loved by thousands of Chinese consumers with its inherent noble temperament and elegant and exquisite style. Its excellent product quality and distinctive brand image are unique in the market. The unique "character" and "love family" culture, the "most customer-friendly" service concept, scientific management concept and efficient market operation means have rapidly risen in the domestic soft clothing industry and led the development of the curtain industry

(source: Luo Qi curtain official wechat)




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