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When choosing composite floor, in addition to focusing on the performance, price, quality assurance and other aspects of the floor, don't ignore the accessories, accessories, installation and other aspects that are considered trivial

you can find a way to do anything for a long time. " Mr. Li, who has been involved in the decoration and building materials industry for nearly a decade, told reporters. However, the "doorway" he said did not mean the way of management, but the way of deception. In recent years, some building materials operators have invented some new means of cheating customers. It is hereby made clear to consumers that we hope you can be more considerate when buying building materials, be less deceived, and live in a new home happily

beware of doing tricks on calculators and measuring tapes when buying wood

the means of timber traders to deceive consumers is mainly to do tricks on the measurement and calculation of the quantity of wood purchased. Using the "shrunk" measuring tape to calculate a few extra cubic meters is their usual trick. Now, many wood sellers also have a more advanced "weapon" - a calculator with a remote control. The appearance of the remote control calculator is the same as that of an ordinary calculator, but it is equipped with a micro remote control. The volume of the remote control is very small. There are four buttons a, B, C and D on it. Through these four buttons, the calculation results can be increased by different numbers. After giving the calculator to the consumer, the shopkeeper secretly manipulated the micro remote control hidden in his pocket in the process of calculation. For example, pressing the a key increased by 10 yuan and pressing the B key increased by 20 yuan, which unconsciously made the consumer pay hundreds of yuan more

countermeasures: bring your own calculator and measuring tools

beware of being swapped when buying tiles

show you first-class products, and pick up second-class products. If you don't pay attention, you'll be fooled. Or, the box is marked with first-class goods, and the contents have been replaced with second-class goods. Some material suppliers have close cooperation with some home decoration companies or construction teams, and the construction personnel will help you

many consumers, because of their inexperience, like to let the construction personnel take them to buy materials, and these construction personnel will take you to the dealers who have cooperative relations with them, and the decoration workers will be both childcare and a shield

countermeasures: in order to prevent packet swapping, we must unpack and inspect the goods one by one, and watch the loading and boarding. In addition, a simple method to test the quality of ceramic tiles is introduced: first, check whether the brick surface is flat, whether the glaze is full, whether there are sand holes and foreign matters, whether the angle adjustment is regular, and measure the diagonal; Then put several bricks together to see whether the gap is tight, and the error should be between 0.3 cm and 0.5 cm; Check whether the plain noodles (i.e. the back) are clean and whether there are adhesions during firing; See whether the color difference is large. The above inspection shall be carried out box by box

beware of being pulled out when buying wood flooring

flooring dealers are generally responsible for the installation of flooring. During the installation process, they are given an opportunity to start counting the number of boxes for customers, which is right, but the number of pieces of flooring inside is not necessarily right. Basically, one or two pieces are taken out of a box to check. Due to the large number of boxes, customers will not check them one by one, and generally will not find them. Once it is found, the merchant will explain in this way: the less part is probably taken out for samples, and then change it for you, or make up the missing part

countermeasures: it is very important to grasp the calculation method of the number of wood floor paving. You should know how much you have bought, how much you have paved, and how much you have left. You should also check and calculate the account when the paving is completed and the workers are present

you can calculate by yourself to prevent the floor dealer from helping you calculate more and pave the way for them to steal the floor; It's not enough halfway. Don't rush to buy again. Calculate whether it's caused by being smoked

the amount of paint is not enough

there are 5-liter barrels and 10-liter barrels of paint packages, but the actual amount of paint inside is not necessarily as indicated in the package

countermeasures: there is no convenient and feasible way to prevent this problem. We can only call on the relevant departments to carry out key spot checks on the measurement problems in the coating industry to curb this illegal act, and consumers had better choose the products of well-known brands and regular manufacturers

beware of being smuggled when buying boards

cherry wood and Thai pomelo are often used in home decoration. Both Meiyou and Taiyou boards are plywood, which is made of logs that are spun along the rings and cut into large sheets. After drying, the texture is staggered, overlapped and glued together. Careful comparison shows that the two are different in color and texture. Meiyou is red, while Taiyou is dark brown; The texture of Meiyou is relatively rigid, while Taiyou has obviously irregular ink lines. Honest dealers will tell consumers that the texture of Meiyou is artificial, and Taiyou is a natural tree species. In terms of price, Tai pomelo is more expensive than Mei pomelo. Some dealers put the two in the same breath, or they gave Taiyou when looking at the samples, but they actually replaced it with Meiyou when shipping

countermeasures: before purchase, ask the dealer to show the variety certificate of the plate, or invite experienced personnel to choose with him. After purchase, ask him to issue a formal invoice indicating the category. If it is found to be false, you can complain accordingly




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